Mid Year Goal Check In: How to Recommit

Remember how lonnng January felt?! It was January for 3 years. But now, heading into July means we’re half through the year. How are your resolutions going? I posted my resolutions to my website in January and checked back in May…


Meditate & read every morning: I had been up to 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, and have completely fallen off track. So good reminder that it was a routine I enjoyed.

Refrain from purchasing materialistic things: I somehow managed to convince myself I need a new bathing suit for the summer. Otherwise…nailing it!

Learn something new (photography class?): Hmm, I forgot about this…

Financial Freedom (I know, EVERY YEAR!) 2019 is going to be my year.

Push myself in the gym: YESSS! I’ve been researching different methods of strength training, taking more time to create my workouts, and focusing on lifting heavier.

Find balance in diet: YESSS! Trying new recipes, working on not feeling guilty when my diet isn’t perfect, but also not using all weekend, every weekend as a “cheat meal.”

Master eyeliner: Nope, I haven’t watched a single Youtube or Instagram “how to” on this.

Watch less porn: 2019 is going to be my year.

Out of the above goals, the two areas I struggle with most are:

Diet / Nutrition

I get carb obsessed and swear that as soon as I do anything but low carb I gain weight, and I feel bloated and gross. But eating at least the amount of carbs for my macro count has been recommended to me time and time again so I’m giving it a try. Also, I sometimes go off the wheels, for me, with food. I will mindlessly eat chips or whatever, so I’ve found the only way to avoid that, is not to buy it at all.


I’m good about not buying unnecessary shit but I’m bad at tracking and planning and don’t follow a budget. So maybe I should be sticking to a strict $65 a week grocery bill, it’ll vary anywhere from $55-$105 and I just get what I need.



I saw this article on My Fitness Pal (written by Kelly O’Mara), so while it’s fitness related, it’s not fitness specific. According to O’Mara, the 4 things to do mid-year:

1) Reassess & Adjust

If I’m looking at my fitness goals, I need to increase weight, increase training, and switch it up. I added in early morning 20-minute cardio sessions to help change things up and to give me extra burn. I can’t figure out whether cardio should come before a lift (then you use up energy you need to lift heavier) or after a lift (I believe it affects gains), so I just do it completely separate and hours apart.

Last September, I had done really well tracking my spending, and I’ve all but given that up. I need what I need and I’m broke regardless so I kinda just said fuck it, and actually around January was like “it’s too overwhelming to maintain this”

2) Create A Reward System

I did this and paid $50 for a pedicure in April and $50 on sushi the other week so I need to rework my reward system. Maybe the reward for sticking to a budget should be a guilt free lazy day, a beach day day trip…not spending the money I’m trying to save.

3) Stick with A Routine

This I’m good at, I can routine TF out of the anything. I will put it on my calendar and stick to it and will gladly stay knee deep in a routine. (Until months later, when I’m bored and am like “this issss the worst! I can’t stand a routine!”…I’m also working on balance.)

4) Plan Smaller Goals on the Way To Your Big Goal

This is where I fail. Because I constantly think 5 year plan when looking at goals, where I could be looking at weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever. Seeing something as FOREVER gives me the sense that it’s never going to get accomplished and some smaller, closer to obtain goals may help that fear of it NEVER happening.

Just taking a minute to remind myself that I have goals that I’m working towards (hello booty gains and a Lexus RCF!) and that my actions should match those.

What are you recommitting to halfway through 2018?