I Went 30 Minutes with “The Sergeant” at 9Round Kickboxing!

I mostly workout alone, at my apartment complex gym, and sometimes, it’s really hard to push myself, especially on the days I don’t *feel* like doing it. So after asking listeners for gym/class recommendations, I found myself at 9Round Kickboxing in Irmo. This 30 minute interval training class KICKED MY ASS. Right from the beginning, too…I mean the first (of three) warm up exercises was 3 minutes of jump rope!

But here’s the cool thing. As a former Marine, Chris “The Sergeant” Arzu is the perfect trainer. He understands that you need to know how to properly do the move first before you can go HAM at it. And since it was my first class, he took a moment to show me how each station works and the proper technique for that exercise. Then, throughout the 30 minutes, he made sure to help with the motivation if he saw me starting to slack.

By the end, I was sweaty as hell and my arms were shaking. I loved it. I don’t always like working out, but knowing I’ll like how I feel when I’m done motivates me. I take time to research workout methods, different exercises, proper form etc., because it’s something I care about, I invest my time and energy outside of the actual workout. But it’s nice to go through a workout and just be told what to do. And the motivation of a former Marine energetically telling you to “PICK IT UPPP, LET’S GOOO!” is way more motivating then me looking at myself in the mirror and saying “Don’t be a little bitch!

Bottom line: I can’t wait to go back.

Have a workout class/training session that you love? Let me know about it!