Get to Know: Jack Antonoff

I sit down with Jack Antonoff to talk about his creative process with other artists, why he also romanticizes life on the road, and what it was like to work with The Boss.

Get to Know: Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree checks in to talk Life Goes On (and its 340 million global streams), the future of the metaverse, and his why he's trying to shutdown the mainframe from the inside.

Get to Know: Mike Shinoda

Amy sits down with Mike Shinoda to talk Linkin Park, why he's helping his fans produce their own music, and how tech is changing the landscape of music.

Get to Know: Offspring

I sit down with Dexter & Noodles to talk about a multi-decade career, working on their new album, and why they would DEFINITELY recognize Tony Hawk.

Get To Know: Des Rocs

This looks a little different...I did guest spot on "Rock On Studio Live!" In one of my favorite interviews, Des Rocs talks pizza, staying true to the music, and finding inspiration in the chaos.

Get to Know: IDK How But They Found Me

I sit down with Dallon Weekes of IDK How But They Found Me to talk organically growing a fan base, his creative process, and what his kids think about his musician status. He also performs an acoustic version of "Leave Me Alone!"

Get to Know: ONR

ONR joins us from his studio in rural Scotland to talk how his childhood shaped his love for music, how he broke into the industry, and why he loves Billie Eilish so much. He also performs two songs for us: his newest single "Must Stop" and an acoustic version of "Crash Landing."

Get to Know: Sueco

I sit down with Sueco to talk the inspo behind "Paralyzed," what it means to be able to connect with fans, and how music consumption has made space for artists to experiment with different genres.

Get to Know: Cannons

Cannons Talks how they found each other, "Fire For You," their band bucket list, and why being authentic is has allowed them to be successful.

Get to Know: 24k Goldn

We sit down with 24kGoldn to talk dropping out of college to focus on music, his creative process, how he’s spending his days in 2020, and what he’s looking forward to next!

Get to Know: Logan Henderson

I sat down with Logan Henderson to talk zodiac signs, growing up with braces, and of course, his latest single Bite My Tongue!

Get to Know: Nina Nesbitt

I was super excited to sit down and chat with Nina Nesbitt as she gets ready for her first U.S. tour. She has an amazing voice and an ever cooler personality!

Get to Know: Glass Mansions

South Carolina natives Glass Mansions stops by the Q Studios to talk about what keeps them energized on stage (they're heading out on 13th tour!) and what they're looking forward to most at their EP release party on Fri March 2nd at New Brookland Tavern!

Get to Know: MAX

Performing artist MAX stopped by the studios to talk about what his future looks like, Etta James, and what he loves most about touring around the world.

Get to Know: Gary Owen

Gary Owen sat down with me before his show the The Comedy House to talk about what he really wanted to be when he grew up, favorite comedians, and we finally get an answer to the question we've been asking...