What Rihanna Isn’t Good Enough For…

Hey, NOT EVERYONE IS HERE FOR YOU. Why is it such a necessity for everyone to love and uplift everyone?! People are allowed to not like you, not support you, not care about you, to not think you’re the best…those aren’t your people. Repeating: Not everyone is here for you. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise.
Which is why I do not understand this need for us to attack people for saying something MILDLY NEGATIVE about someone else. Mi Gente singer J. Balvin pissed off Rihanna’s “Navy” after saying that she isn’t “marrying material”. Balvin appeared on Sir Kazzio’s popular Portuguese YouTube series and played a game of “F____, Kill or Marry,” where he said “Rihanna isn’t a good woman to marry, just fool around.” He also said Rihanna’s relationship with Drake would prevent him from kissing her.
Rihanna’s navy attacked the singer on social media, causing the singer’s team to make an statement to The Fader, “J Balvin has the utmost respect for Rihanna, which he has stated multiple times in interviews – repeatedly naming her as one of the artists he would most like to work with one day.”
So he HAS to want to marry Rihanna?! What the hell? Do we even see why this is insane?! Like are we not allowed to have an opinion on anything anymore? People say they like diversity, but they like diversity of physical attributes, not of the mind. The current mindset seems to be “If I love it you have to love it because then it confirms that the way I’m thinking is the correct way of thinking.” PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO THINK THAT YOU AIN’T SHIT.  Nothing is worse, IMO, than a bunch of people who all agree with each other. How. Boring.
Is J. Balvin out of line for his comments on Rihanna?