What Is It Like To Meet One Of The Biggest Stars In The World?

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. When you’re that famous, there has to be a like a certain energy around you, right? I mean, imagine what life is like for her. Imagine every single move being critiqued, every single person having something to say. You can’t just run to Target, you can’t stay in the limelight too much, or be out of the spotlight for too long. Every. Move. Critiqued.

So when she walked into the room at our Meet & Greet lounge before the show, I expected…something. But she’s Taylor Swift and she’s the nicest freaking person. Taylor walked around the room talking to all the programmers from different radio stations across the region, asking about them, saying things like “It’s good to see you again” and shaking their hand, and taking pictures. She comes up to us. I’m kinda nervous but kinda chill because she is so calm and unassuming. She’s just a person who works hard for her dream.

I asked about her tour, how far into she was, and what it was like getting ready for the show. I suggested she try Mary Mac’s Tearoom before she leaves because while she’ll gain 5lbs easily from their amazing food, it’s worth it. She was pleasant and interested and just…nice. We took a picture. I was sweating and and just hoped she didn’t notice.

After she met with everyone, she hopped up on the couch and thanked us all for the support, for playing her records, for being there. Then her mom comes in and tell us that she is going to be giving us a backstage tour. WHAT?! YESSS.

Mama Swift loads us into golf carts and we start the tour. We talk about how Taylor is the first performer to have a two-night show in the new stadium. We talk about the amount of work each and every show is, how it takes 4-6 days to put the set together, how they employ 300 local people on top of the 200+ that travel around with them. About how thoughtfully the show was put together, making sure the fans in the upper levels have as great a time as the fans on the floor. It’s an experience, and Taylor wants to make sure you enjoy yours.

Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello are opening on the tour. Women supporting women, and Taylor is proud of that. And of course, we talked about how the number 13 shows up all the time for her and why it’s considered her lucky number. Fun fact: Croghan’s ticket was Row 1, Seat 3, but he didn’t mention it to her, how his ticket said “13” on it. I regretted that for him.

The show was just that: A SHOW.