What Is A Sure Fire To Tell A Dude Is Crazy?

I’m dating. Sort of. I’ve also sort of given up and realized you can’t force it, and I’m just back to doing my own thing. But, the reason for this, is because people are weird as hell. And the hardest part of dating is finding someone whose weird matches your weird.

Weird traits or habits can challenging enough, but then there’s also CRAZY out there. The quicker you can weed these people out, the better! So what’s a sure fire to tell if a person is crazy?

It’s easier for men because there are 3 sure fire ways to tell if a woman is crazy. Oh, you want to know what those 3 things are? I got you.

  1. If she drives a Jeep Wrangler.
  2. If she wears an excessive amount of jewelry.
  3. If she’s into unicorns/pixies or fairies/mermaids.

She doesn’t need to be a combo of all three of these, just one. But how do you tell for men? It’s a lot harder. There’s no specific car, or style of dress, or interest to look for, and often times you don’t find out until way later. The best I’ve been able to get a pretty good read on is guy’s his sense of humor, which, truth be told, is the most important to me. I ask this one question:

But this is gender neutral. Cards Against Humanity is a garbage game. It’s part of the “tries too hard” club. My friend summed it up best when he said:

“It’s like people doing an impression of what they think other people think is funny.” -Jimmy Jitsu

In your experience, what’s a question you ask (or something you look for) that is sure fire to tell if someone is crazy? Or at the very least, you won’t be interested in them?