I love birthdays, obviously mine more than anyone else’s:)

Birthdays are the entire reason you’re here, and if you REALLY think about, it’s pretty fucking amazing how many things had to line up for you to get here. On my birthday, I like to take a minute to think about how many individual decisions led me right to this moment, knowing that I made at least half of those decisions by accident. At this moment I’m in a new city, that I’m just in the very beginning stages of getting to know. Overall, it’s state #7 that I’ve lived in and state #4 for my radio career. I started my new gig last week. I’m excited to be back on a Morning show. Some things just feel right.

As I sit on my hotel bed writing this, I find my mind wandering to moving into my apartment on Wednesday, where I’ll be sleeping on an air mattress for a couple of nights. And I’m happy about being on an air mattress in an empty apartment. Because it reminds me of what I want. It reminds that I still really like the moments when I have next to nothing, that I don’t want or need “stuff”. It makes me feel lighter and centered and refocused.

I will, however, be happy AF to have my king sized bed and the rest of my shit on Saturday. And to hang my pictures on the wall and face my little turquoise elephant towards the front door for good luck. Man, for as much as I don’t like stuff, I do really like MY shit (lolol).

Accidental decisions are a part of life, after all, it got me to today, but my goal for 33 is to live with a little more intention.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, and for the first time…#thisis33.