The Columbia BROdeo

I was watching WIS-TV this morning, and a story about a local Facebook group called The BROdeo [Columbia, SC] was featured. According to their page description, it is:

“Just a place for bro’s to post bro shit without being under the watchful eye of our female counterparts. Talk shit, memes, discussion topics, the works. Have fun…. AND NO VAGINAS ALLOWED”

One Columbia woman, Susan Mishoe did not appreciate being the topic of conversation, and is now pushing to have the page shut down.

The page was reported to Richland County Sheriff’s Department. I reached out to Lt. Curtis Wilson from RCSD, who had this say about the incident:

“RCSD is continuing to look into this incident. Unfortunately cyber bullying is far too common. Stopping it is an issue that needs to be addressed so that harmful words aren’t protected by the 1st amendment. Options for victims are possible civil suits against the perpetrators.”

Here’s what the Facebook group admin, Jesse Paterson, had to say about it:


I understand the outrage of Susan Mishoe. I empathize with how she must feel to be discussed in this manner, and I 100% do not condone it. At 32, I would not speak of anyone in that matter, privately or publicly. It is in no way a reflection of who she is; only of who they are as men.

But they are protected by the 1st Amendment. They are not, as far as I’ve been told, threatening anyone. As shitty as it is, I fully support their right to say what they want to say in a closed group. They’ve have found other people with the same mentality, and speak this way among themselves. They are not forcing their opinions or views on anyone. I am not sure how Susan found out what was being said about her, and please believe me when I say she deserves better than to be spoken of that way.

However, as someone who is vocal in what I think and why, I cannot support their page being shut down, if all they’re doing is shit talking to one another. Do not misinterpret this as me agreeing with WHAT they’re saying, I am agreeing with HOW they are saying it: quietly and among themselves.

You’re allowed to think whatever you want to think, I encourage you to find others who think like you so that you can say what you want without being ridiculed or judged. I also encourage you to sit down and have calm and logical conversations with those who do not think like you or believe what you believe. You could learn a lot.