How I Got Here

Born and raised in South Jersey, I was going to school -- shout out to EKU, BCC, Greenville Tech, and Temple University -- for social work & psychology and I hated it. I had my quarter life crisis in '07  (in Greenville, SC) and after moving back to NJ, I realized that while I have no musical capabilities, I could actually work in a career that was surrounded by my biggest passion.

I started at Z889, landed my first Morning gig at Live 95.9 (MA, 2012), spent 4 years on Mornings with Eagle 97.7 (Delaware, 2013-2017), a year and a half at as APD/Midday jock on Q93.5 (Columbia, SC 2017-2018), and now you can find me as Morning Co-Host on 93.1 The Wolf  in Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC.



Inspired by Derek Sivers.

Now, I am currently...

Focusing on learning and doing.


  • Parks & Rec (for the 2nd time in the last year), any stand-up or whatever else Netflix thinks I may like, but I'm still taking a break from House of Cards (that show is HEAVY. And it's always fucking dark. Does the sun not shine in DC?!)


Though I have a few books on deck, I'm listening to podcasts way more than reading right now. Here are a few of my all time favorites:


  • Revisionist History (podcast)
  • Broken Records
  • The James Altucher Show (podcast)
  •  The Time Ferriss Show (podcast)
  • Spotify, I take the easy way out, play one song I like and let them take control


  • My life and observations

2019 Resolutions:

  • Meditate: I continue to hear the benefits of meditation and can tell a difference in my quality of thoughts, so my goal is to continue to up my time in increments and hopefully be at 20 minutes by the end of the year.
  • Refrain from purchasing materialistic things: Actually...I'm nailing it!
  • Learn something new: I am beginning to save for my NASM CPT & Nutrition certification. Fitness & nutrition is something that I'm passionate about and spend a lot of time focused on. Besides that I would still like to learn a bunch of things: photography, social media marketing, video editing, and more.
  • Financial Freedom (I know, EVERY YEAR!) OK. I FINALLY got an actual real life budget started in mid-Oct and I'm super proud of myself for having a doable plan to pay off my debt.
  • Start a foot fetish premium account. I have cute feet and I want more money. Plus, it's a great way to learn more about social media marketing. I have a feeling people would be way more willing to pay to see my toes than to hear my opinion about something.

Also, continuing to:

  • Grow the podcast. Have any guests suggestions?!
  • Push myself in the gym: YESSS! I've been researching different methods of strength training, taking more time to create my workouts, and focusing on lifting heavier.
  • Find balance in diet: YESSS! Trying new recipes, working on not feeling guilty when my diet isn't perfect, but also not using all weekend, every weekend as a "cheat meal."
  • Watch less porn: 2019...nope, 2020, is going to be my year.

Updated January 9, 2019 from Greensboro, NC

Where I'm Headed

For some, getting up at 3:30AM may sound like torture but I. LOVE. THAT. ISH! The drive into work when it's still dark, no matter the time of the year, finding new and different ways to engage people...yeah, I'm probably romanticizing having a morning show a little bit but it's what I want. My own morning show, "The Morning Mafia" where I'm the lead.

Add to that: write a book, see all the places, get that perfect body while still being able to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cheez-Its....

What's Next...?

Listen on air, comment on any blog, and let's connect on social media (Snapchat "AmyMCR")! There's 8 billion people in the world, we may like each other.