Just The Tip: For Those Who Are New To Staying Home

Even though I’m someone who thoroughly loves alone time at the house, I understand that it sounds like torture to others. So if it’s new to you and you’re not sure what you’re going to do, here are some suggestions I have:

Catch up. Yup, that means all the house things you’ve been too busy to do…cleaning, repairs, etc.

Organize. Clean out your closet, go through all those papers that are too important to throw away but not important to actually file away. Yeah, we all have that stack.

Read a book...or listen to a book. You can buy, rent, whatever you choose. I’m a library kid but Audible is great bc you can listen as you do other things. I have a “Book Club” on my IG Highlights if you need some suggestions. And entire list of books that have been recommended to me that I haven’t been able to get to yet.

Create. That side project thing that you’ve been interested in for 3 years but just “haven’t had the time.” Find out how to make candles, start writing your book…

Learn. For me, video editing. It’s the thing I want to learn the most yet I procrastinate bc I know I’m going to suck and be frustrated at first.

Workout. Go for a walk, run, hike. Google at home workouts (check the source, form is still important). Resistance bands are like $15 on Amazon. Order some.

Yoga. There’s plenty of youtube channels available.

Journal/Meditate. Do you know why you’re doing what you’re doing? Figure that shit it out. It’ll take more than 2 weeks but now is a good time to start:)

Color, put a puzzle together. If you haven’t done it, you may think it’s corny. It’s legit the only thing that got me through a 10 day quarantine just this past December when I had the mumps. YES. THE MUMPS. Don’t get me started.

Perfect your signature drink. For me it’s vodka, fresh squeezed grapefruit, lime and mint.

Cook. Stop eating out so much.

Speaking of…

Maybe time to look at putting together a budget if you don’t have one.

Self-care the shit out of yourself. Facemasks (oatmeal, banana, honey, and milk is a good one), mani/pedis, nap, stretch, chill tf out. Work on mobility, there are few good IG accounts to follow like @strengthcoachtherapy!

Watch all the things.

Netflix: Explained. Bojack Horseman. Parks & Rec. Like c’mon, there’s so much to watch

HBO: The Watchmen. Avenue 5. Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Outsider.


Idk, maybe face your demons and check your emotional stability and thought processes.

Do what this guy is doing.

Find your people. Interested in something that few people in your real life are interested in? Find your community online.



Living room dance parties. These are my JAM. (I hope you have decent speakers, but please be mindful of neighbors if you’re in an apartment.) I have playlists on Spotify if you need them, follow me @amymcr



Do you see why I’m always ready to go home? Take the time to do the things that you’re always “just too busy” to do. Have something to add to the list? Leave a comment!