When It Comes To Dating, How Soon Is Too Soon?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged two weeks after confirming their relationship. People are freaked out. First of all, an engagement is reversible. It’s not permanent. Unlike the TWO tattoos Pete Davidson got in her honor last week.

Yes, it’s all too fast for me, however, I’m not a part of their relationship so they don’t have to move based off my timeline. But hey, one of the best things of social media is that we all get to have opinions on things that don’t affect us.

I received this snap from a listener and if I’m being honest, I was mostly excited for selfish reasons: someone was reacting to something that I said! When you’re on a Midday show that is mostly voice tracked, the on air shift doesn’t feel real sometimes and being on air and interacting with listeners is my absolute favorite thing about radio.

But, on a less selfish level, I am also really happy for her! So I posted it to my insta-stories (after I got permission from her to take the screen shot) and my DMs started blowing up:

“That’s a red flag!”

“Whoa, she’s crazy, she JUST got divorced.”

“She needs to take some time for her.”

WHY? Whose schedule are we on? And can we just admit, we’re all crazy…in our own way. So maybe she found someone who also if fresh out of a relationship gone wrong and it was perfect timing, maybe she found someone who matches her level of crazy. And herein lies the key to dating from someone who is always single: you have to find someone who matches your crazy.

So may you find someone who loves that you get their initials tattooed after a week of being together, or someone who will tell everyone that you’re engaged at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in L.A. Here’s to finding your Ariana or Pete, or your crazy equivalent on Bumble. Because at the end of the day, you gotta do you. People are going to have shit to say regardless.