Shout out to my friends at The Art of Dentistry in Irmo, SC! You can read all about it in my blog, just click here, because having a smile you’re proud of is a LIFE CHANGER.


4 Veneers & Whitening

I spent about 10 years hating my smile. That’s a third of my life. And much like you don’t realize how you gain weight, I didn’t fully recognize the toll being self-conscious of my smile had taken until the end of this process. We live in a world that communicates in pictures and I never wanted to take them, let alone share them. I felt less than, I felt ugly. I would try to get on my “good side” or just smile with a closed mouth. That’s not who I am though. I have a big smile and I love to laugh. The amount of dread that came with being in a picture, or even worse, having someone see it in person…it was a constant reminder to me that I’m not worthy. It had definitely taken a toll on my mental health. Now, I have no idea how I went 10 years of my life feeling like that about myself.

Dr. Wych was great to work with. He sat with me and went over the options and why each one would be a good choice. This empowered me to make the BEST choice for me. And then we went to work. It was a less than 10 hours total, and it was a piece of cake. 

Having a smile I’m proud to show off is something I’m still getting used to, it’s still a surprise to me. Trust when I say that there has been a huge weight taken off of my shoulders. I actually get excited about opportunities to take pictures because I’m finally looking forward to sharing mine!

Not many people get a chance to change how they feel about themselves, Dr. Wych made it possible for me and I will be forever grateful!