Get Serviced

You know how people are always giving unsolicited advice? It's like that except you ask for it. So let me tell you how I can help you.

Find out how.

The Podcast

At approximately 20 minutes,  it covers my life observations and experiences, and is perfect for your drive. Listen & weigh in.



A page to tell you where I'm from and where I want to go! Plus what I'm currently focused on in Columbia, SC.


I Have Questions...


and I have very strong opinions about things that don't matter in life. I mean, I have strong opinions about things that DO matter too, but what you'll remember me for is ranting about people who are too lazy to push their shopping carts to the cart wrangler, and why I feel the need to buy the dented/damaged items in the store (it's so they don't feel bad about themselves).

Buy the dented ones, they'll thank you.

What's Next...?

Listen on air, comment on any blog, and let's connect on social media (Snapchat "AmyMCR")! There's 8 billion people in the world, we may like each other.